Sep 9th 2021

Rough week for ole fuzzy.   Put into a situation where my PTSD went into system overload and that threw off my calm and my anxieties took over.  Being a Disabled Iraq War Veteran sucks sometimes.   Since monday I’ve been struggling really hard with everything,  My Exercise routine, My FTBB Diet.  My reasons for trying and my resolve.


To make matters worse my Beloved 19 year old Cat passed today and I keep hearing him and seeing him around the house.  It is going to take some getting use to,  not having his beautiful lil face around or sitting with him every morning while I have my coffee.   His kitty cries and his non stop sneezing.  He was the sneeziest cat I’ve ever seen.  I always wondered if he was allergic to humans.


You see the thing about my cat was he had really bad anxiety.  So bad that when I first got him from the humane society I couldn’t find him for a week cuz he was hiding under the sink and would only come out when I was asleep.  Eventually he started sleeping in the bed with me and over the years got more and more comfortable with his surroundings.  For the past 2 years he almost completely stopped drooling when you pet him!!


As he got better, I felt I got better.  He came a long way with his anxiety.   I came a long way.


Which is the point of this post.  I’ve really come a long way.  I’m not scared to show my face in public anymore.  I enjoy getting dressed up and leaving the house.  I like taking my son  to festivals and other fun places.  I’ve lost 106 pounds.  Still got a long way to go but I’ve come so far.


Take a moment to think about your journey.  How many times did things get rough and you felt the urge to slow down,  stop even.  But look at you,  You’re still going strong.   That’s what are as a collective,  Strong.  Today was one of my darkest hours but all the kindness that was shown to me on social media today, in person today, and over texts today really showed me I have a support system now.   That’s what makes us strong.  The support of others.


So in honor of my beautiful cat,  in honor of your fur babies or lil ones,  Be strong today.


Support Each other today


Look how far you’ve come on your journey.  Be Proud


Be Strong


Be Supportive


All the Best



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